If you work in mining or energy, the best protection you can get is to be part of your Union.

Workers are stronger when they stick together. Join the Mining & Energy Union to get all the benefits that come from being a member:

Union benefits:

  • Active support at work
  • Expert legal and industrial representation
  • A strong voice on health and safety
  • Better pay and conditions through collective bargaining
  • Access to specialist services and member discounts
  • An opportunity to create change in your workplace, industry and society.
You can dig your heels in and bring up issues and not worry about being chastised because you’ve got the backing of the Mining & Energy Union

– Ryan Bates, Hitachi Muswellbrook Lodge

Make sure you're protected

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Joining the union is completely confidential. No one will know that you've joined the union except you and the Mining & Energy Union

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